Why choose us?

At Michael Wisher Team Support, we work with our clients to provide them with the best possible staff for their events. From bar work to table service, we supply temporary staff for a variety of hospitality needs and requirements.

We don't just provide you with temporary hospitality staff - we endeavour to exceed all expectations. We aim to transform your event with a positive attitude, great customer service and expert hospitality skills.

With hundreds of years of combined industry experience, we focus on forging and maintaining long-standing relationships with both our clients and staff.

That’s because, ultimately, it’s about people and our business, but more importantly, your event and the quality of service you expect.

person in suit holding a document while checking if table is set properly

Investing in the future with Michael Wisher Team Support

From a large corporate event to an intimate dinner party, we can meet your requirements - just let us know your staffing needs and we will take care of the rest.

With experience in supplying and organising staff for a host of different events - of every scale and nature - we will meet your needs and work to the very best of our ability.

Our team of professionals are some of the very best in the hospitality industry and will make a positive impact on your event.

And the depth of the service we can deliver is determined by your requirements. If you need, for example, a large number of temporary workers, we can arrange everything from their transport to the provision of supervisors and managers. If you only require a handful of individuals, that’s great. No matter what you require, we ensure all members of staff are fully briefed and prepared prior to their arrival at your event.

girl putting tablecloth over table with another girl in background setting table

Unique opportunities and unrivalled experience

Here at Michael Wisher Team Support, we work with the very best. With an array of specially trained workers at our disposal, we can provide bartenders, chefs, waiters and everything in between.

Working together, we will develop a deeper understanding of your event and its requirements, ensuring that we select and supply the most suitable and experienced members of staff.

We appreciate all feedback and would love to hear your suggestions on how we might do even better. It is really helpful and enables us to continually improve the performance of Michael Wisher Team Support.

Hospitality staff with personality

We like to keep things as simple as possible and remove as much friction as we can. From booking temporary staff to supplying a well-informed brief, we take care of it all to ensure you have a calm and hassle-free experience.


Expertly trained staff

We will provide you with expertly trained hospitality staff. Hardworking and ready for the challenge, the team at Michael Wisher Team Support consists of bartenders, waiters, head chefs and front of house staff who are always appropriately dressed. With impeccable communication and customer service skills, they deliver a first-class experience.


We are flexible

Our in-house team of industry professionals offer flexibility to suit you and your needs. From last minute events to early mornings and late nights, nothing is too much trouble. Our team is always on hand when you need them.


We are prepared

With years of experience, our team are well-prepared for any event and occasion - no matter how big or small. It’s more than likely our staff have already dealt with tasks and situations similar to what you require. No problem is too big and we are always equipped to go the extra mile and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Industry leaders

As leaders in the hospitality industry, we believe in delivering nothing but top quality results to our clients. Whatever the size of your event, we supply staff you can count on and who know it’s about quality and reliability. We only select temporary staff who share that mindset.


We are dedicated

Our 5,000 multi-skilled staff members understand that, at your event, they represent you and your firm and brand. Bar staff, front of house, chefs and waiting staff, every team member is fully committed to upholding your standards and delivering a successful event.


We care

We’ve been passionate about first-class service and caring for our employees since day one. We pride ourselves on being among the best employers in the hospitality sector. That drive is reflected in our staff members.