What we do

At Michael Wisher Team Support, we specialise in providing professional and reliable staff for a variety of industry events.

We pride ourselves on meeting the diverse requirements of the leisure, sports, hospitality and retail sectors, as well as those of festivals, corporate functions and private events.

lady in red dress with champagne and in the background a man taking champagne glass from waitress

Bespoke hospitality staff

We pride ourselves on sending top quality teams of dedicated hospitality and event staff to an array of industry events. With almost 5,000 multi-skilled workers, we can provide you with some of the very best in the business.

Our bar staff, waiting staff, chefs and front of house specialists are highly flexible so as to meet the different demands of the industry and unique needs of your event.

several waitresses setting tables

Professional catering experts

With extensive experience in the industry, we have worked with some of the country's largest companies as well as scores of smaller, local businesses. We are committed to delivering services to the highest of standards, no matter how big or small the event.

girl serving champagne in glasses on tray to 5 people from bar

Providing unforgettable experiences

We have supplied event staff to some of the most auspicious occasions in the sporting world, and continue to work with some of the nation's biggest sporting venues.

bartender pouring draft beer in pint glass

First-class performances from festival staff

As part of our comprehensive hospitality services, we often recruit and manage festival staff for some of the biggest names in the UK. Festivals are chaotic and demanding but our team stays professional, calm and collected throughout.

two girls setting table

Personal and tailored services

Not only do we provide staff for large corporate events, our team also offers professional services to private functions and events. From intimate dinner parties to small, fun-filled gatherings, we can do it all.

waitresses learning how to set a table

Expert retail staff

From major sporting events, festivals and weddings to hotels and casinos, we provide retail staff for all manner of events. Our team of retail staff are experts at dealing with and serving the general public.