Student Jobs

Students typically spent most of their time studying or socialising. While these things are incredibly important, they should also consider a job to go alongside their studies.  

Luckily, here at Michael Wisher Team Support, we have a lot of student jobs available to suit each and every lifestyle.  

What is a student job?

Many people think that the term ‘student job’ means that it must be something specific, but in fact, it simply refers to a job or role that is able to work flexibly around the life of a student.

What are the best jobs for students?

A part-time job for students can consist of bar jobs, catering jobs, hospitality jobs, or even as waiting staff, to name but a few.  

The best places to look for part-time jobs for uni students would be bars, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality venues. This is because they are open for much longer in comparison to other industries and sectors, meaning that they are ideally suited to students’ busy lives.   

Competition might be fierce, but at Michael Wisher Team Support, we do all the hard work for you. By registering to work with us, students will be given the opportunity to work at both small and intimate, as well as large and prestigious hospitality events in the likes of Nottingham and London.

Where are the best jobs for students in the UK?

Student jobs can be found in in any town, city, or village. However, naturally, there are more jobs available in larger cities, such as Nottingham and London. 

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Student jobs in Nottingham

The most important thing for students to consider when looking for a job is flexibility. Students are busy people, so it is crucial that they find a job that suits their needs and lifestyle.  

A lot of students live in busy towns or cities, and although this means that opportunities are endless, this can also make it more difficult to find the perfect student job.   

Working with Michael Wisher Team Support, allows students to find a role that is both suitable and appropriate to them.   

Nottingham is filled with bars, restaurants, and sporting venues, making it the ideal location for flexible student jobs.

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Student jobs in London

Similarly to the above, London is an incredible city to gain invaluable experience. London life is much faster paced than many other places, which, means that businesses within the events and hospitality industry are open for much longer.  

Whilst this may mean late nights or early starts, for many students, this is exactly what they’re looking for. London life allows students to study, socialise and work, whilst still having a few hours left in the day.  

As with Nottingham, London is known for its bars, restaurants, hotels, and world-famous entertainment and sporting venues – of which we often work with.

Is it easy to get a student job in London and Nottingham?

There are lots of venues available, which means there are lots of opportunities. However, as there is a much larger student population, this also means that students may find that they have some competition.  

At Michael Wisher Team Support, we are able to provide some of the very best part-time vacancies for students around.

How much can I earn as a student?

The opportunities for earning as a student are almost limitless – it entirely depends on the time you have spare to work.  

All of our part-time student jobs allow people to work as much, or as little as they like, so the choice really is yours, which also determines how much you earn.

How can a student find a job?

It’s simple! Register with us today to get started and you’ll soon have yourself a student job or part-time role!