The team at Michael Wisher Team Support has years of experience, working at a variety of events and festivals.

Festivals are demanding, sometimes chaotic and pretty much always in flux. They can also be rowdy and unpredictable.

So, it’s important you monitor and control the variables with the right people. Finding them can be tricky but that’s where we come into our own and make your life simpler.

bartender pouring cocktail in glass

Experience and reliability for hire

At Michael Wisher Team Support, we look for individuals who can keep up with fast-paced and busy festival environments and stay cool, calm and collected.

Helping keep things under control, ushering festival-goers, serving drinks or supervising logistical operations, festival staff face an array of challenges, and our team consists of experts that are 

We exist to take the stress and hard work away, so you can enjoy your event for yourself.

We are passionate and professional. Not only do we dedicate ourselves to ensuring things run smoothly but also to the safety of your guests and making sure they have the best time possible.

Whether you require event stewards and security or simply staff to serve food and drinks or run pop-up bars and stalls, we can provide it all.