Kitchen porter jobs

Kitchen porters are linchpins behind the scenes, underpinning the entire kitchen function. Here at Michael Wisher Team Support, we are always looking to expand our team of hospitality and kitchen experts.

As a kitchen porter, you will be a part of a busy yet exciting working environment.

employee doing dishes

Bustling and accommodating

The role of a kitchen porter is extremely varied. You ensure the kitchen stays clean and tidy at all times, you uphold health and safety regulations, you prepare food, you maintain equipment maintenance and manage stores. In short, you are involved in everything.

Michael Wisher Team Support has played a pivotal role at numerous events - from the most intimate dinner parties to some of the world's largest sporting venues. If you join our family, you get to experience it all.

Kitchens are busy environments, so it is important that our in-house training team provides you with all the skills and knowledge you will need to thrive.