Festival jobs

Today, festivals are a hot topic and a growing scene in the UK, so the demand for professional and experienced staff is greater than ever. That means there are opportunities for people like you.

As a member of Michael Wisher Team Support, you can experience it all, from a party in the park to a winter wonderland.

bartender pouring cocktail in glass

Lively and fast-paced

We are looking for individuals who can keep up with fast-paced, busy festival environments and remain cool, calm and collected.

From parties in the park to summer music festivals, you will face an array of exciting challenges as part of Michael Wisher Team Support. That means almost anything goes, from helping keep things under control, ushering festival-goers, serving drinks and supervising logistical operations.

Festivals can often be rowdy and unpredictable so it is important for them to be controlled and monitored by the appropriate people - if this sounds like you, contact us today and join our team!