Wait staff for hire

As part of our reliable hospitality service, we can provide friendly and professional wait staff for hire.

Waiting staff are crucial to the successful running of any event, whether it is a small private party or a large corporate occasion.

waiter serving food to guests at table

Serving staff for hire

Michael Wisher Team Support goes through an extensive training process, ensuring each member of staff is dedicated, enthusiastic and able to thrive in fast-moving environments. That’s why our serving staff for hire is perfect to cater for any business or event.

When it comes to waiters for hire, we look for talented individuals who are natural rapport builders.
Waiters are at the heart of successful events and ours are some of the very best in the business.

Our team of expertly trained waiters and waitresses for hire are driven and enthusiastic and always provide clients with a first-class experience.

From entertaining your guests to serving food and drinks, the team at Michael Wisher Team Support is there to ensure events run smoothly and deliver excellent results.

two girls setting table

Waiter agency London & Nottingham

Whether you require staff for an evening, a weekend or even longer, we are here to help. Nothing is too much trouble and, no matter how elaborate or unique your request, our team of waiting staff will go above and beyond to meet your requirements. Michael Wisher Team support is the perfect waiter agency London & Nottingham have to offer

At any one time, there can be up to 2,500 members of the Michael Wisher team operating across the UK or even further afield.

With teams in London, the South West and the Midlands, we draw on a talent pool of almost 5,000 multi-skilled workers. We can pull together a strong team and have skilled people on the ground within an hour of your first call.