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13 December 2023

Best Five Jobs for Students

Student jobs are an incredibly important part of life. From summer jobs to part-time jobs, they help shape your future and provide students with invaluable experience. 

However, finding the right role to suit you and your needs can be quite the task, which is why many students enlist the help of recruitment agencies in Nottingham and London.  

There are a plethora of jobs available for students, from working at festivals and bars, to corporate event catering and waiting. Here, we share with you the best five jobs for students. 

What is a student job?  

First things first – what is a student job? 

Many people think that a ‘student job’ means that it must be something specific, however, it simply refers to a job or role that can work flexibly around the life of a student.  

Student jobs primarily consist of work within the following industries; 

  • Hospitality and events 

  • Bars 

  • Catering  

  • Festivals 

  • Waiting 

And it is these five jobs that we believe to be the very best for students – all of which will enable students to work in a variety of environments and workplaces, particularly within Nottingham and London. 

  • Festivals and concerts 

  • Retail events 

The benefits of student jobs  

Aside from providing a steady stream of income, student jobs can offer huge benefits. Student jobs provide young people with skills that they may not be able to learn or gain elsewhere.  

Part-time student jobs, such as bar work and catering, allow students to work in a demanding and fast-paced environment, arming them with much-needed skills that they will no doubt call upon later in life.  

What’s more, student jobs show employers that a student has been able to balance work and studies – yet another completely transferrable skill that will be required for all future endeavours.  

On a personal level, student jobs provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and improve overall confidence.  

The jobs a student has during their time at university helps to build and enhance their CV and in turn, prepares them for interviews and the recruitment process they will go through in the not-so-distant future.  

We will provide students with a competitive wage, flexible working hours, free training, transferable working and life skills, and the opportunity to experience their first job in a safe, friendly environment with a real family feel. At Michael Wisher Team Support, we are also the only hospitality agency to offer employee benefits

Below are some of the best jobs for students: 


  1. Hospitality jobs 

Events and hospitality jobs are extremely varied. Not only for the roles available but the events, functions and industries in which they allow you to work. 

When working with a recruitment agency such as Michael Wisher Team Support, part-time jobs within hospitality means that you will never be doing the same thing day in, day out.  

Live in a city, such as Nottingham or London? Hospitality recruitment agencies have the ability to find students a role in area that suits them. So, if you’re looking for a hospitality job in Nottingham, look no further than Michael Wisher Team Personnel.  

Duties of hospitality jobs can include; 

  • Kitchen porter 

  • Front of house 

  • Chefs 

  • Customer service 

  • Operations 

When working a hospitality job, you may have the opportunity to work at some of the biggest UK venues, including; 

  • Wembley Stadium 

  • Nottingham Cricket Ground 

  • Festivals 

  • Royal weddings 

  • Political events 


  1. Bar jobs 

From serving food and drinks and collecting glasses to cocktail making, working as bar staff is a fun and flexible way for students to earn some extra cash. 

It is because of its flexibility in terms of hours and structure, that bar work appeals to students and those seeking a job to work around their studies and university commitments. 

Working behind the bar is a great way for students to combine their social life with their working life. Bartending allows students to make friends and meet new people, particularly during their time outside of education if they are looking for a summer job. 

Duties of bar jobs can include; 

  • Bartending 

  • Taking orders 

  • Serving food and drinks 

  • Making drinks, including cocktails 

  • Handling money 

  • Customer service 

  • Glass collecting 

  • Washing dishes 


  1. Catering jobs 

Working within catering is perhaps one of the most diverse part-time student jobs available. Catering comes in many shapes and sizes – from sporting events and small, intimate gatherings to mass, corporate functions. 

Duties of catering jobs can include; 

  • Front of house and greeting guests 

  • Serving food and drinks 

  • Preparing food 

  • Handling backstage and operational logistics 

  • Drivers 

  • Furnishing food service areas 

  • Customer service 


  1. Festival jobs 

For students that prefer a much more upbeat and outgoing working environment, then working at festivals could be just the place for them. 

Surrounded by hustle and bustle, festivals can be demanding, fast-paced and are always in flux. Although working at festivals can be busy, they are also an incredibly fun and engaging place to work and gain invaluable experience. 

Duties of festival jobs can include; 

  • Serving food and drinks 

  • Supervising 

  • Handling operational logistics 

  • Ushering 

  • Greeting guests 

  • Control and monitor situations 


  1. Waiting jobs 

Waiting jobs are one of the best jobs for students. 

They are in high demand for students due to their ability to be entirely flexible, with longer, although often unsociable hours that just so happen to suit the lifestyle of students. 

Duties of waiting jobs can include; 

  • Serving food and drinks 

  • Clearing tables 

  • Customer service 


How to find a good job as a student? 

The best jobs for student jobs would be in bars, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality venues. This is because they are open for much longer in comparison to other industries and sectors, meaning that they are ideally suited to students’ busy lives.   

Competition might be fierce, but at Michael Wisher Team Support, we do all the hard work for you. By registering to work with us, students will be given the opportunity to work at both small and intimate, as well as large and prestigious hospitality events in Nottingham and London. 

With Michael Wisher Team Support, finding a student job couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up to find a job here:  

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